Map of Kiev

Our map of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, shows the precise locations of major hotels, tourist attractions, airports, train stations, restaurants, clubs etc., in the city centre and beyond.

The map is in English and offers two unique views – ‘Map’ shows a street map while ‘Satellite’ shows an aerial view. To see where Kiev is located on the world map, use the control on the left hand side to zoom out.

It also shows stations on the Kiev Metro, the most popular mode of transport for tourists.

To locate any point of interest, use the index below the map. Click the name and it will be highlighted.

In 2012 Google launched their Street View service in Kiev. Drag the Google Pegman onto the map to see Street View images.

Drag the Google Pegman from the top left hand corner of any map to activate Google Street View. Streets that have been photographed will be highlighted in blue.

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