Situated around 12 km south of Kiev, the Pirogovo open-air museum is one of the best in Ukraine. Numerous villages are scattered around the large grounds, each representing a different region of the country. Visitors are free to wander in and around windmills, peasant huts, churches and barns.

During the summer, craftsmen work here and sell pottery, carvings and other items. The restaurants here rank amongst the best places to eat shashlyk.

Windmill at Pirogovo, Kiev, Ukraine
Windmill at Pirogovo


Map showing location of Pirogovo.

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Map showing location of Pirogovo



Kiev Oblast

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  1. I am planning to visit Kiev 12-22 April 2018 , will it be open in this period

  2. This is essentially a big park on the outskirts of Kiev with many old buildings from various periods of Ukrainian history. Get ready for lots of walking. It’s a huge place and many of the buildings are far apart. There are lots of small outlets offering tasty local food. Entrance was quite cheap.

  3. I was there last year with my Ukrainian girlfriend. Such a nice, huge open-field museum.
    The downside is there was only one restroom located near the entrance.
    As we walked further and further as I was mesmerized by the great surroundings, then suddenly I needed to find a bathroom not knowing that I had to take a long walk back to the entrance.

    • I was there just today. I enjoyed it tremendously.
      Not to worry. There are now many portable (blue) toilets scattered about.

  4. I liked this a lot. Cheap and great fun for anyone and for families. Learn the history of Kiev and the Ukraine. I learned how to throw knifes. Downside is it is only open in the summer.

  5. We visited this village. It was amazing to see the beauty and artistry of these villages. I was disappointed, because you are not allowed to take pictures inside of the structures. However, it is interesting to see how people lived so long ago. I think we would have gotten more out of our visit if we had an English speaking guide. Also, I think a guide would of prevented some embarrassing moments such as walking into a house for staff only and being yelled at for trying to take pictures inside the houses.
    One thing we liked was the friendly dogs and cats that greeted us here. (Most strays in Ukraine shy away or cringe in fear as you approach.)
    I would recommend going during Spring or Summer. We went in October, and it looked like they were doing a lot of repairs to the cobble streets and roofs. Also, we didn’t find many crafts for sale. Also, none of the restaurants were open. (Maybe they open later in the day? We left about one o’clock in the afternoon.) We were hoping to get a taste of the yummy food. Instead we settled for snack bar stands.

    • I found that a smile and clasped-hand plea got me permission to take photos inside.


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